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COURTS   OF    PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                %6l

dertook it, and wrote him a long, preaching letter,
entreating him to repass in his mind all the in-
fidelity and peccati he had been guilty of through-
out his life, for which he ought now to make
amende honorable. He sent her a sealed answer,
which on opening put her into the greatest rage,
for it was her own letter, taken out of its enve-
lope, and put into another which he had directed
to herself, having altered two or three things in it.

Lady H. showed me a very kind letter
she had received from the Queen, in which she
says nothing can be more degraded than the
House of Austria, and she does not know what
to expect. Lady Hamilton talked much in praise
of Harry's beauty, and said he was run after by
all the ladies at Naples. She lamented his refus-
ing to marry the Marchesa Moscate, which would
have been a splendid match in point of fortune.

I was much amused by a curious account she
gave me of what passed when Madame d'Osmond
arrived at Naples. The Queen would not see her
or any French, but Madame d'O. applied to Lady
Hamilton for the purpose, who at last prevailed
upon the Queen to receive her.

The Queen was seated on a sofa on the same
side as the door. Madame d'O. was dressed out
like the mourning bride, and stepped in quite in